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GrainGenes Author Report: Thiele V

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Thiele V
ReferenceThiele V and Melz G (1992) Chromosomal location of genes controlling lactate dehydrogenase in rye, wheat and barley. Genome 35:32-34.
ReferenceBoerner A et al. (1991) GA-insensitivity of 'Ai-bian 1a'/Pleiotropic effects of isogenic Rht-lines. Annual Wheat Newsletter 37:59-60.
ReferenceThiele V and Seidel A (1990) Chromosomal location of a catalase gene in wheat using rye-wheat-additions. Plant Breeding 105:78-79.
ReferenceMelz G and Thiele V (1990) Chromosome location of genes controlling `purple leaf base' in rye and wheat. Euphytica 49:155-159.