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GrainGenes Author Report: Vogel RF

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Vogel RF
Full Name
Vogel, Ric
ReferenceNiessen L et al. (2004) The use of tri5 gene sequences for PCR detection and taxonomy of trichothecene-producing species in the Fusarium section Sporotrichiella International Journal of Food Microbiology 95:305-319.
ReferenceThiele C et al. (2003) Fluorescence labeling of wheat proteins for determination of gluten hydrolysis and depolymerization during dough processing and sourdough fermentation Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry 51:2745-2752.
ReferenceKnoll S et al. (2002) Rapid preparation of Fusarium DNA from cereals for diagnostic PCR using sonification and an extraction kit Plant Pathology 51:728-734.
ReferenceMuller MRA et al. (2001) Monitoring the growth of Lactobacillus species during a rye flour fermentation Food Microbiology 18:217-227.
ReferenceSchnerr H et al. (2001) Real time detection of the tri5 gene in Fusarium species by LightCycler (TM)-PCR using SYBR((R))Green I for continuous fluorescence monitoring International Journal of Food Microbiology 71:53-61.