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GrainGenes Author Report: Wendehake K

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Wendehake K
Full Name
Wendehake, Katja
ReferenceFahima T et al. (2002) Microsatellite polymorphism in natural populations of wild emmer wheat, Triticum dicoccoides, in Israel Theoretical and Applied Genetics 104:17-29.
ReferenceRoder MS et al. (2002) Construction and analysis of a microsatellite-based database of European wheat varieties Theoretical and Applied Genetics 106:67-73.
ReferenceKorzun V et al. (1999) Integration of dinucleotide microsatellites from hexaploid bread wheat into a genetic linkage map of durum wheat. Theoretical and Applied Genetics 98:1202-1207.
ReferenceRoder MS et al. (1998) A microsatellite map of wheat Genetics 149:2007-2023.
ReferencePlaschke J et al. (1996) The use of wheat aneuploids for the chromosomal assignment of microsatellite loci. Euphytica 89:33-40.