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GrainGenes Author Report: Abbott D

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Abbott D
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Abbott DC
Full Name
Abbott, David C.
ReferenceRahman S et al. (1999) Characterisation of a gene encoding wheat endosperm starch branching enzyme-I. Theoretical and Applied Genetics 98:156-163.
ReferenceRahman S et al. (1997) A complex arrangement of genes at a starch branching enzyme I locus in the D-genome of wheat. Genome 40:465-474.
ReferenceAbbott D et al. (1995) Identification of RFLPs flanking a scald resistance gene on barley chromosome 6 Journal of Heredity 86:152-154.
ReferenceGuerin J et al. (1994) Mapping of malt endopeptidase, NADH diaphorase and esterase loci on barley chromosome 3L Plant Breeding 112:279-284.