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GrainGenes Author Report: Kusano T

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Kusano T
ReferenceIkeda Y et al. (2000) Specific binding of a 14-3-3 protein to autophosphorylated WPK4, an SNF1-related wheat protein kinase, and to WPK4-phosphorylated nitrate reductase Journal of Biological Chemistry 275:31695-31700.
ReferenceOhba H et al. (2000) Diverse response of rice and maize genes encoding homologs of WPK4, an SNF1-related protein kinase from wheat, to light, nutrients, low temperature and cytokinins Molecular and General Genetics 263:359-366.
ReferenceIkeda Y et al. (1999) Sucrose and cytokinin modulation of WPK4, a gene encoding a SNF1-related protein kinase from wheat Plant Physiology 121:813-820.
ReferenceKusano T et al. (1995) A maize DNA-binding factor with a bZIP motif is induced by low temperature Molecular and General Genetics 248:507-517.