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GrainGenes Author Report: Kushnak GD

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Kushnak GD
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Kushnak G
Full Name
Kushnak, Greg
ReferenceMartin JM et al. (2005) Divergent Selection for Polyphenol Oxidase and Its Influence on Agronomic, Milling, Bread, and Chinese Raw Noodle Quality Traits Crop Science 45:85-91.
ReferenceHabernicht DK et al. (2002) Pan bread and raw Chinese noodle qualities in hard winter wheat genotypes grown in water-limited environments Crop Science 42:1396-1403.
ReferenceBaley GJ et al. (2001) Agronomic and end-use qualities of Wheat streak mosaic virus resistant spring wheat Crop Science 41:1779-1784.
ReferenceKushnak GD (1974) Utilizing linkages of genetic male sterile and aleurone color genes in hybrid barley (Hordeum vulgare L.) systems.