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GrainGenes Author Report: Kuzyk AD

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Kuzyk AD
ReferenceLi HJ et al. (2004) The transfer and characterization of resistance to common root rot from Thinopyrum ponticum to wheat Genome 47:215-223.
ReferenceLi H et al. (2004) Promising genetic resources for resistance to wheat streak mosaic virus and the wheat curl mite in wheat- Thinopyrum partial amphiploids and their derivatives Genetic Resources and Crop Evolution 51:827-835.
ReferenceLi HJ et al. (2002) Different reactions to the wheat curl mite and Wheat streak mosaic virus in various wheat-Haynaldia villosa 6V and 6VS lines Plant Disease 86:423-428.
ReferenceChen Q et al. (2002) Expression of resistance to stripe rust, powdery mildew and the wheat curl mite in Triticum aestivum x Haynaldia villosa lines. Canadian Journal of Plant Science 82:451-456.