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GrainGenes Author Report: Kyozuka J

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Kyozuka J
ReferenceShimamoto K and Kyozuka J (2002) Rice as a model for comparative genomics of plants Annual Review of Plant Biology 53:399-419.
ReferenceSaijo Y et al. (2001) A Ca2+-dependent protein kinase that endows rice plants with cold- and salt-stress tolerance functions in vascular bundles Plant and Cell Physiology 42:1228-1233.
ReferenceSaijo Y et al. (2000) Over-expression of a single Ca2+-dependent protein kinase confers both cold and salt/drought tolerance on rice plants The Plant Journal 23:319-327.
ReferenceEnoki H et al. (1999) Ac as a tool for the functional genomics of rice The Plant Journal 605-613.