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GrainGenes Author Report: Ma CX

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ReferenceChang C et al. (2010) Identifying alleles of Viviparous-1B associated with pre-harvest sprouting in micro-core collections of Chinese wheat germplasm Molecular Breeding 25:481-490.
ReferenceChang C et al. (2010) Validating a novel allele of viviparous-1 (Vp-1Bf) associated with high seed dormancy of Chinese wheat landrace, Wanxianbaimaizi Molecular Breeding 25:517-525.
ReferenceWang XB et al. (2009) Gene markers for grain polyphenol oxidase activity in common wheat Molecular Breeding 23:139-152.
ReferenceHe XY et al. (2008) Characterization of phytoene synthase 1 gene (Psy1) located on common wheat chromosome 7A and development of a functional marker. Theoretical and Applied Genetics 116:213.