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GrainGenes Author Report: Maan S

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Maan S
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Maan SS
Full Name
Maan, S.S.
ReferenceMaan S (1996) Natural or induced nucleocytoplasmic heterogeneity in Triticum longissimum Genome 39:71-76.
ReferenceAnderson J and Maan S (1995) Interspecific nuclear-cytoplasmic compatibility controlled by genes on group 1 chromosomes in durum wheat Genome 38:803-808.
ReferenceMaan S (1994) Interactions between the scs and Vi genes in alloplasmic durum wheat Genome 37:210-216.
ReferenceFriebe B et al. (1993) A noncompensating wheat-rye translocation maintained in perpetual monosomy in alloplasmic wheat Journal of Heredity 84:126-129.