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GrainGenes Colleague Report: Appels, Rudi

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Appels, Rudi
Biological Sciences, Murdoch University, South St., Murdoch, Western Australia 6150
61 8 9368 3544
Research Interest
Chromosome structure and function of regions of the genome that carry genes of agronomic importance with a special emphasis on the environments of genes and how repetitive sequence families modulate gene expression. The application of molecular biology to providing new germplasm and DNA probes for plant breeding is the basis for my interaction with Industry partners.
Chromosome structure/function and molecular analysis of wheat endosperm.
Manual annotation of chromosome 7A and well as contributing to the IWGSC) in annotating the other 20 chromosomes of the wheat genome is a major focus. The 7A chromosome project is a close engagement with Dr Matt Hayden's group at AgriBio at LaTrobe University and collaborations with colleagues in the Chinese Academic of Agricultural Sciences includes analysing new assemblies of wheat chromosomes to document structural variation in the genome, and define target genes contributing to key agronomic traits. Research collaborations at the University of Melbourne are based in Agriculture and Food as part of a focus on wheat flour quality.
Appels and Ohm at 9IWGS
Schondelmaier and Appels at ITMI 2009
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Appels R
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T.tauschii, Appels
Wheat, Composite, 2004

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