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GrainGenes Environment Report: Celaya Synthetic/Opata Yr

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Celaya Synthetic/Opata Yr
Celaya, Guanajuato, MEX
20 N
100 49' W
Lines were planted in plots at 3 g seed per plot yielding about 60 plants in two 1-m rows seeded 15 cm apart, with 70 cm between plots. The susceptible spreader cultivar Morocco was planted as hills in the middle of a 1-m pathway on one side of each plot. For epidemic initiation, spreader rows were sprayed with urediniospores suspended in oil. Disease severity was recorded at each location when the flag leaves of the susceptible check, Avocet, displayed approximately 100% severity based on the modified Cobb scale (Peterson et al., Can. J. Res., Sect. C. 26:496-500, 1948). Infection type on flag leaves, based on the 09 scale (McNeal et al., 1971), was also recorded.
Trait Study
Stripe rust, Singh99
Trait Scores
Stripe rust, Celaya 1994
Stripe rust, Celaya 1994 IT