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GrainGenes Environment Report: Crookston, MN Field 2012

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Crookston, MN Field 2012
Crookston, MN, USA
60 seeds of each accession were planted in a 3-m row and 30 cm apart. Rows of the susceptible wheat cultivars, Thatcher, Little Club, and Morocco were planted perpendicular to the durum wheat entries. The spreader rows were inoculated with a mixture of six Pt races (MHDSB, MFPSB, MLDSB, TBBGJ, TFGJQ, and TFBGQ) from bread wheat that were present in the Great Plains region. The common spring wheat cultivars Thatcher, Tom, Verde, and Knudson were planted every 100 entries as checks.
Trait Study
Leaf rust, NSGC 2012-2013
Trait Scores
Leaf rust on CItr 5083 for BBBQD IT Mean
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