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GrainGenes Environment Report: El Batan, Mexico Field 2013

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El Batan, Mexico Field 2013
CIMMYT Headquarter, El Batan, Mexico
The accessions were planted in single 1.2-m-long rows with a leaf rust-susceptible cultivar Banamichi C2004 planted as a rust spreader. Susceptible durum wheat lines (Atil*2/Local Red; Sooty_9/Rascon_37; Jupare C 2001, Bergand/Amic//Playero/Piquero and ATIL/3/Bergand/Amic//Playero/Piquero), resistant durum wheat lines (Cirno C 2008, Sooty_9/Rascon_37//Llareta INIA and Sooty_9/Rascon_37//Guayacan INIA), and the bread wheat Thatcher were included as checks in the experiment every 50 entries. All accessions and the susceptible spreader rows were inoculated with leaf rust race BBBQJ, the predominant durum-specific race in Mexico carrying virulence for Lr10, Lr11, Lr23, Lr27+31, and Lr72
Trait Study
Leaf rust, NSGC 2012-2013
Trait Scores
Leaf rust on CItr 6874 for Mexico-El Batan field CI
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