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GrainGenes Environment Report: Greenhouse Synthetic/Opata, El Batan Yr

Greenhouse Synthetic/Opata, El Batan Yr
RI lines, parents and stripe rust differentials were planted as clumps of 6 to 8 seeds in trays. Ten-day-old seedlings were inoculated by spraying with a 2 to 3 mg/ml suspension of urediniospores suspended in light mineral oil. The inoculated trays were placed in water in closed transparent boxes in a chamber maintained at 12oC. Seedlings were misted through an inlet until sufficient dew was formed and incubated for 12 h under dark. Incubation was continued for an additional 24 h under light at the same temperature, and the trays were then transferred to benches in a greenhouse maintained at 15 to 18oC. Natural daylight was supplemented with additional light to provide 14-h days.
Trait Study
Stripe rust, Singh99
Trait Scores
Stripe rust, 14E14 IT 1996
Stripe rust, MEX96-11 IT 1996
Stripe rust, MEX96-11 IT 1997