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GrainGenes Environment Report: Ithaca, N.Y., Souza88

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Ithaca, N.Y., Souza88
All cultivars were grown in 1986 at the McGowan and Ketola farms of the Cornell Agricultural Experiment Station near Ithaca, N.Y. In 1987, the nurseries were located at the Caldwell and Ketola farms.
Experimental Design
Completely randomized
Planting Date
April 1
Approximately 225 kg/ha of 10/20/20 fertilizer (10% elemental Nitrogen, 20% P`2`O`5`, and 20% K`2`O by weight) was applied pre-plant. During plant tillering the plots were top dressed with 100 kg/ha 14/14/14 fertilizer and 20 kg/ha Ca (NO`3`)`2` (17% elemental Nitrogen). Planting density was 60 seeds m^-1^ row with plots a single 1 m row and 0.2 m between plots. Each location was planted within 2 days of April 1 in respective years. Bromoxynil (tradename Brominal) was applied at a rate of 210 g/ha active ingredient to control broad-leaf weeds. When all plants within a plot were yellow-ripe, individual plots were harvested, bundled, and allowed to dry for 2 weeks in a covered shelter.
Trait Study
Days to heading, Souza88
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