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GrainGenes Environment Report: RSMT, MN in 2006 UMOPN

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RSMT, MN in 2006 UMOPN
Rosemount, MN
University of Minnesota
Planting Date
Evaluators: D.D. Stuthman, R. Caspers
Row_Spacing: 12 inches
The year started with a mild winter following a dry last 1/3 of 2005 and thus the entire state was quite dry until at least into March. Early in spring we had good rains so that at many locations planting was delayed, but did happen into good soil moisture. Emergence was good and development very good until early in June when it became quite hot and very dry. Some areas received less than 1/2 inch of rain for all of June and July combined. Early in May buckthorn bushes everywhere were heavily infected with crown rust. However, with the start of the heat and no rain in June, very little crown rust developed on the oats in most locations. Yields and quality were reduced from that in non-rusted fields in 2005, but generally producers were satisfied, given the somewhat unfavorable oat growing weather conditions. There was relatively little lodging.
Trait Study
Yield, 2006 UMOPN
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Trait Scores
BetaGlucan of IL00-4858 (oat) at RSMT, MN in 2006 UMOPN
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