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GrainGenes Environment Report: WAS, MN in 2007 UEOPN

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WAS, MN in 2007 UEOPN
Waseca, MN
Southern Research and Outreach Center
Planting Date
Evaluators: D.D. Stuthman, T. Hoverstad
Row_Spacing: 12 inches
Planting was delayed somewhat because of excess moisture early. Planting progress caught up in early May but not emergence. By mid-May emergence had caught up and jointing was slightly ahead of average because of elevated temperatures. By early June jointing was significantly ahead, but no heading occurred until June 9. Moisture was just beginning to diminish, especially in the Morris area and south to the Iowa border. ByJune 24 heading had progressed more than normal and moisture was getting to be generally in short supply. Temperatures were usually above normal and continued warmer in much of the state for most of the remainder of June, July and most of August. By July the crop was turning ripe ahead of 5-yr average and maturity continued ahead of average for the rest of the season. Half of the crop was harvested before the end of July and most of it was completed by mid-August. Crown rust was difficult to find and lodging was minimal.
Trait Study
Yield, 2007 UEOPN
Test weight, 2007 UEOPN
Days to heading, 2007 UEOPN
Height, 2007 UEOPN
Lodging, 2007 UEOPN
Trait Scores
HeadingDate of Otee CIav9086 at WAS, MN in 2007 UEOPN
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