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GrainGenes Gene Report: A-2 (Avena)

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A-2 (Avena)
Gene Class
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ReferenceAamodt OS et al. (1934) Natural and artificial hybridization of Avena sativa with A. fatua and its relation to the origin of fatuoids. Canadian Journal of Research 11:701-727.
ReferencePhilp J (1933) The genetics and cytology of some interspecific hybrids of Avena. Journal of Genetics 27:133-179.
Referencevon Tschermak E (1929) Kultur - und Wildhaferbastarde und ihre Beziehungen zu den sogenannten Fatuoiden. Zeitschrift fuer Induktive Abstammungs - und Vererbungslehre 51:450-481.
ReferenceLove HH and Craig WT (1918) Small grain investigations. Journal of Heredity 9:67-76.
ReferenceLove HH and Fraser AC (1917) The inheritance of the weak awn in certain Avena crosses. American Naturalist 51:481-493.
ReferenceWilds GJ (1917) Inheritance of glume characters in Avena.
ReferenceSurface FM (1916) Studies on oat breeding. III. On the inheritance of certain glume characters in the cross Avena fatua x A. sativa var. Kherson. Genetics 1:252-286.
ReferenceZade A (1912) Die Zwischenformen von Flaughafer (Avena fatua) und Kulturhafer (Avena sativa). Fuhling's Landwirtschaftliche Zeitung 61:369-384.
Gene conditioning awnedness in wild hexaploid oats. Dominance and expressivity variable. Possibly pleiotropic for basal articulation.
Info Source
ReferenceSimons MD et al. (1978) Oats: A standardized system of nomenclature for genes and chromosomes and catalog of genes governing characters. USDA Agriculture Handbook 509:1-40.