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GrainGenes Gene Report: Fhb7 (Triticum)

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Fhb7 (Triticum)
Gene Class
Reaction to Fusarium graminearum
ReferenceWang H et al. (2020) Horizontal gene transfer of Fhb7 from fungus underlies Fusarium head blight resistance in wheat Science 09Apr2020.
ReferenceZhang X et al. (2011) A genetic map of Lophopyrum ponticum chromosome 7E, harboring resistance genes to Fusarium head blight and leaf rust Theoretical and Applied Genetics 122:263-270.
ReferenceKim N-S et al. (1993) Molecular detection of Lophopyrum chromatin in wheat-Lophopyrum recombinants and their use in the physical mapping of chromosome 7D. Theoretical and Applied Genetics 85:561-567.

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