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GrainGenes Gene Report: H6 (Triticum)

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H6 (Triticum)  [ Marker Report ]
Gene Class
Reaction to Mayetiola destructor (Say) (Phytophaga destructor) (Say)
ReferenceAllan RE et al. (1959) Genetic analysis of ten sources of hessian fly resistance, their interrelationships and association with leaf rust reaction in wheat. 104.
ReferenceGallun RL and Patterson FL (1977) Monosomic analysis of wheat for resistance to hessian fly. Journal of Heredity 68:223-226.
Hexaploid stockADDER
ReferenceShaner GE et al. (1986) Registration of 'Adder' wheat. Crop Science 26:201.
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Info Source
ReferenceMcIntosh RA et al. (1995) Catalogue of gene symbols for wheat. Proceedings of the 8th International Wheat Genetics Symposium 1333-1500.
Data Curator
Hart, Gary E.95.08.24