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GrainGenes Gene Report: Rht-B1 (Triticum)

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Rht-B1 (Triticum)  [ Marker Report ]
Other nameRht1 (Triticum)
ReferenceFlintham JE et al. (1997) Optimising wheat grain yield effects of Rht (gibberellin insensitive) dwarfing genes. Journal of Agricultural Science 128:11-25.
ReferenceAllan RE (1970) Differentiating between two Norin 10/Brevor 14 semi-dwarf genes in a common genetic background. Seiken Ziho 22:83-90.
Gene Class
Reduced height
Rht-B1a (Triticum)
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ReferenceSomers DJ et al. (2004) A high-density wheat microsatellite consensus map for bread wheat (Triticum aestivum L.) Theoretical and Applied Genetics 109:1105-1114.
ReferencePeng JR et al. (1999) 'Green revolution' genes encode mutant gibberellin response modulators. Nature 400:256-261.
ReferenceBlanco A et al. (1996) Quantitative trait loci influencing grain protein content in tetraploid wheats. Plant Breeding 115:310-316.
ReferenceFick GN and Qualset CO (1973) Genes for Dwarfness in Wheat, Triticum aestivum L. Genetics 75:531-539.
ReferenceAllan RE et al. (1968) Inheritance and Differentiation of Semidwarf Culm Length of Wheat. Crop Science 8:701-704.
Rht-B1 gene at Komugi: Catalogue of Gene Symbols for Wheat
ReferenceBlanco A and Simeone R (1982) Genetic control of gibberellic acid insensitivity in semidwarf durum wheat (Triticum durum Desf.). Zeitschrift fur Pflanzenzuchtung 88:185-190.
ReferenceGale MD and Marshall GA (1976) The chromosomal location of Gai1 and Rht1, genes for gibberellin insensitivity and semi-dwarfism, in a derivative of Norin 10 wheat. Heredity 37:283-289.
ReferenceMorris R et al. (1972) Chromosomal Location of a Dwarfing Gene in a 'Tom Thumb' Wheat Derivative by Monosomic Analysis. Crop Science 12:247-249.
ReferenceBenito C et al. (1987) Location of genes coding isozyme markers on Aegilops umbellulata chromosomes adds data on homoeology among Triticeae chromsomes. Theoretical and Applied Genetics 73:581-588.
ReferenceBoerner A et al. (1996) The relationship between the dwarfing genes of wheat and rye. Euphytica 89:69-75.
Rht-B1 and Rht-D1 were described as independent and partially recessive in Norin 10-Brevor 14 (Allan et al. 1968) and independent and highly recessive in Olesen and D6301 (Fick and Qualset, 1973).
Mapping: Gai1/Rht-B1b - 1.8 cM - Xpsr622-4B (Blanco et al. 1996). Co-located with Xbarc10-4B (Somers et al., 2004).
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ReferenceMcIntosh RA et al. (2013) Catalogue of Gene Symbols for Wheat- 2013 Edition Catalogue of Gene Symbols for Wheat.
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