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GrainGenes Gene Report: Vp-B1 (Triticum)

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Vp-B1 (Triticum)
Other nameVP-1B (Triticum)
Gene Class
Vivipary (Triticum)
Vp-1Be (Triticum)
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ReferenceYang Y et al. (2009) Distribution of Vp-1 alleles in Chinese white-grained landraces, historical and current wheat cultivars Cereal Research Communications 37:169-177.
ReferenceYang Y et al. (2007) Development and validation of a Viviparous-1 STS marker for pre-harvest sprouting tolerance in Chinese wheats. Theoretical and Applied Genetics 115:971.
ReferenceYang Y et al. (2007) Isolation and characterization of Viviparous-1 genes in wheat cultivars with distinct ABA sensitivity and pre-harvest sprouting tolerance. Journal of Experimental Botany 58:2863-2871.
Vp-B1 allelic identifications for Chinese landraces, historical and current wheat cultivars are listed in Yang et al.(2009).
Three sequence variants of Vp-B1 identified in Yang, et al. (TAG,2007) were used to develop STS marker Vp1B3 whose amplified products showed a significant, but not complete, association with germination index, used as one measure of PHS.
Alleles of Vp-B1 were recognized using STS marker Vp1B3 (Yang et al., JEB, 2007; Yang et al., 2009).
Data Curator
Cooper, LaurelJune-2020

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