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GrainGenes Gene Report: Wx-A1 (Triticum)

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Wx-A1 (Triticum)
Gene Class
Starch synthase
Waxy proteins
Wx-A1a (Triticum)
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ReferenceMurai J et al. (1999) Isolation and characterization of the three Waxy genes encoding the granule-bound starch synthase in hexaploid wheat. Gene 234:71-79.
ReferenceVrinten P et al. (1999) Molecular characterization of waxy mutations in wheat. Molecular and General Genetics 261:463-471.
ReferenceShariflou MR and Sharp PJ (1999) A polymorphic microsatellite in the 3 ' end of 'waxy' genes of wheat, Triticum aestivum. Plant Breeding 118:275-277.
ReferenceNakamura T et al. (1993) Identification of three Wx proteins in wheat (Triticum aestivum L.) Biochemical Genetics 31:75-86.
ReferenceNakamura T et al. (1993) Decrease of waxy (WX) protein in two common wheat cultivars with low amylose content. Journal of Plant Breeding 111:99-105.
ReferenceChao S et al. (1989) RFLP-based genetic maps of wheat homoeologous group 7 chromosomes. Theoretical and Applied Genetics 78:495-504.
ReferenceChao S et al. (1988) A linkage map of wheat group 7 chromosomes using RFLP markers. Proceedings of the 7th International Wheat Genetics Symposium 493-498.
ReferenceMAS Wheat. Bringing Genomics to the Wheat Fields. Quality Traits. Waxy mutants MAS Wheat. Marker Assisted Selection in Wheat.
Gene record from the Catalog of Gene Symbols for Wheat at Komugi
Protocols at MASWheat: 1) Dominant PCR markers for the null alleles, 2) Codominant markers for the Wx-A1b and Wx-D1b null alleles, 3) Allelic variation of Wx-A1.
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