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GrainGenes Gene Class Report: Waxy proteins

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Gene Class
Waxy proteins
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ReferenceShariflou MR et al. (2001) A PCR-based DNA marker for detection of mutant and normal alleles of the Wx-D1 gene of wheat Plant Breeding 120:121-124.
ReferenceGale KR et al. (2001) Application of a high-throughput antibody-based assay for identification of the granule-bound starch synthase Wx-B1b allele in Australian wheat lines Australian Journal of Agricultural Research 52:1417-1423.
ReferenceMcLauchlan A et al. (2001) Development of robust PCR-based DNA markers for each homoeo-allele of granule-bound starch synthase and their application in wheat breeding programs Australian Journal of Agricultural Research 52:1409-1416.
ReferenceMorris CF and Konzak CF (2000) Registration of D-null 'Bai Huo' waxy wheat germplasm Crop Science 40:304-305.
ReferenceYan LL et al. (2000) The genes encoding granule-bound starch synthases at the waxy loci of the A, B, and D progenitors of common wheat Genome 43:264-272.
ReferenceYamamori M and Quynh NT (2000) Differential effects of Wx-A1, -B1 and -D1 protein deficiencies on apparent amylose content and starch pasting properties in common wheat Theoretical and Applied Genetics 100:32-38.
ReferenceShariflou MR and Sharp PJ (1999) A polymorphic microsatellite in the 3 ' end of 'waxy' genes of wheat, Triticum aestivum. Plant Breeding 118:275-277.
ReferenceVrinten P et al. (1999) Molecular characterization of waxy mutations in wheat. Molecular and General Genetics 261:463-471.
ReferenceMurai J et al. (1999) Isolation and characterization of the three Waxy genes encoding the granule-bound starch synthase in hexaploid wheat. Gene 234:71-79.
ReferenceZhao XC and Sharp PJ (1998) Production of all eight genotypes of null alleles at 'waxy' loci in bread wheat, Triticum aestivum L. Plant Breeding 117:488-490.
ReferenceBriney A et al. (1998) A PCR-based marker for selection of starch and potential noodle quality in wheat. Molecular Breeding 4:427-433.
ReferenceGraybosch RA (1998) Waxy wheats: Origin, properties, and prospects. Trends in Food Science and Technology 9:135-142.
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