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GrainGenes Germplasm Report: Lang CIav9257

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Lang CIav9257
Other nameCIav9257
Avena sativa
USDA/ARS/NSGC  CIav9257  [ Data at GRIN ]
Av1`0.83` (Avena)
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BCD1150 EcoRI
Present:    13.3  18.1  5.8
Absent:    15.0  7.2  9.6
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Trait Description
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alpha-Esterase activity, Souza88
0.79   E11`0.79`
0.54   E13`0.54`
Avenin, Souza88
0.83   Av1`0.83`
av2   absence at Rf 0.64
Av3   presence at Rf 0.60
0.61   Av4`0.61`
beta-Esterase activity, Souza88
0.45   BE-1`0.45`
Diaphorase activity, Souza88
Dia1   active allele
Grey lemma, Souza88
no   non grey
Growth habit, Souza88
2   erect
Leaf margin pubescence, Souza88
0   glabrous
Leaf sheath pubescence, Souza88
Lemma fluorescence, Souza88
no   non-fluorescent
Lemma pigment, Souza88
yel.   yellow
Lsp-1 pubescence, Souza88
no   absent
Nodal pubescence, Souza88
Np-1   Ogle CIav9401, Bond CIav7004 type of pubescence (Np1)
Peroxidase, Souza88
M   middle zone active
0   activity at zone Rf 0.24
Red seedling, Souza88
0   green seedling
Trait Score
100-kernel weight, Souza883.25g
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ReferenceO'Donoughue LS et al. (1994) Relationships among North American oat cultivars based on restriction fragment length polymorphisms Crop Science 34:1251-1258.
ReferenceBush AL et al. (1994) Restriction fragment length polymorphisms linked to genes for resistance to crown rust (Puccinia coronata) in near-isogenic lines of hexaploid oat (Avena sativa) Genome 37:823-831.
ReferenceSouza E and Sorrells ME (1991) Relationships among 70 North American oat germplasms. I. Cluster analysis using quantitative characters. Crop Science 31:599-604.
ReferenceSouza E (1988) Measures and applications of genetic relationships in oats.
Data Source
Bush, Arla L.95.05
Sorrells, Mark E.94.10.24
Map Data
Oat, D486 x Lang
Oat, D494 x Lang
Oat, D526 x Lang
2 Point Data
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Pc71 region of oat