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GrainGenes Germplasm Report: Ogle (oat)

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Ogle (oat)
Other nameCIav9401
Ogle-1 (oat)
Ogle-C (oat)
Avena sativa
USDA/ARS/NSGC  CIav9401  [ Data at GRIN ]
Av1`0.67` (Avena)
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Presence of crown rust resistance gene Pc38 = no
Presence of crown rust resistance gene Pc39 = no
Presence of crown rust resistance gene Pc48 = no
Ogle is the original cultivar with reselections Ogle-1 and Ogle-C
ABC322 EcoRI    
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Trait Description
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alpha-Esterase activity, Souza88
0.85   E11`0.85`
0.54   E13`0.54`
Avenin, Souza88
0.67   Av1`0.67`
av2   absence at Rf 0.64
Av3   presence at Rf 0.60
0.58   Av4`0.58`
beta-Esterase activity, Souza88
0.45   BE-1`0.45`
Diaphorase activity, Souza88
Dia1   active allele
Grey lemma, Souza88
no   non grey
Growth habit, Souza88
2   erect
Leaf margin pubescence, Souza88
0   glabrous
Leaf sheath pubescence, Souza88
0   glabrous
Lemma fluorescence, Souza88
no   non-fluorescent
Lemma pigment, Souza88
yel.   yellow
Lsp-1 pubescence, Souza88
no   absent
Nodal pubescence, Souza88
Np-1   Ogle CIav9401, Bond CIav7004 type of pubescence (Np1)
Peroxidase, Souza88
M   middle zone active
1   activity at zone Rf 0.27
Red seedling, Souza88
0   green seedling
Trait Score
100-kernel weight, Souza883.51g
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ReferenceWight CP et al. (2004) Discovery, localization, and sequence characterization of molecular markers for the crown rust resistance genes Pc38, Pc39, and Pc48 in cultivated oat (Avena sativa L.) Molecular Breeding 14:349-361.
ReferenceO'Donoughue LS et al. (1994) Relationships among North American oat cultivars based on restriction fragment length polymorphisms Crop Science 34:1251-1258.
ReferenceSouza E and Sorrells ME (1991) Relationships among 70 North American oat germplasms. I. Cluster analysis using quantitative characters. Crop Science 31:599-604.
ReferenceSouza E (1988) Measures and applications of genetic relationships in oats.
Data Source
Holland, Jim98.01
Sorrells, Mark E.94.10.24
Accession at T3/Oat
Accession at GRIN
Map Data
Oat, KxO
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Trait Study
Days to heading, Siripoonwiwat 96
Grain Yield, Siripoonwiwat 96
Plant Height, Siripoonwiwat 96
Test Weight, Siripoonwiwat 96
ABC322 BROWSSM autoradiogram
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Trait Scores
BetaGlucan of Ogle CIav9401 at AMES, IA in 1995 UMOPN
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