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GrainGenes Germplasm Report: Ogle-C (oat)

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Ogle-C (oat)
Other nameOgle (oat)
Ogle-1 (oat)
Avena sativa
Derived from a single plant reselection of the cultivar 'Ogle' (Fox et al. 2001)
Ogle is the original cultivar with reselections Ogle-1 and Ogle-C
ReferenceHu H et al. (2020) Heritable temporal gene expression patterns correlate with metabolomic seed content in developing hexaploid oat seed Plant Biotechnology Journal 18:1211-1222.
ReferenceFox SL et al. (2001) Assignment of RFLP linkage groups to chromosomes using monosomic F-1 analysis in hexaploid oat Theoretical and Applied Genetics 102:320-326.

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