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GrainGenes Germplasm Report: P105 (rye)

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P105 (rye)
Secale cereale
A selected inbred line (I2) of the progeny of a cross between the varieties 'Polycrossnaja' x 'Bolgar dwarf' was crossed with 'Litovskaja 3.' P87 is an inbred (I5) line derived from that cross.
Developed by
Shilko, T.S.
ReferenceKorzun V et al. (1998) A genetic linkage map of rye (Secale cereale L.). Theoretical and Applied Genetics 96:203-208.
Map Data
Rye, P87 x P105
Rye, P87 x P105, 2004
Rye, P87 x P105, update