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GrainGenes Germplasm Report: Wolfe Multiple Dominant

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Wolfe Multiple Dominant
Hordeum vulgare
Alm (Hordeum)
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ReferenceWolfe RI et al. (1996) Multiple Dominant and Recessive Genetic Marker Stock Development Barley Genetics Newsletter 25:57-59.
Map Data
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Barley, Consensus 2005, SNP
Barley, Consensus 2006, Stein
Barley, Consensus 2007, SSR
Barley, Integrated, Marcel 2009
Barley, OPA 2009, Consensus
Barley, OPA 2011, Consensus
Barley, OPA123-2008, Consensus
Barley, OWB
Barley, OWB, 2004
Barley, OWB, 2005
Barley, OWB, OPA2008
Barley, OWB, SNP
Barley, OWB, Stein2006
Barley, Alm (green lemma) phenotype
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