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GrainGenes Image Report: 1H vs. rice 5 and 10

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Image Name
1H vs. rice 5 and 10
Hordeum vulgare
Oryza sativa
Map Data
Barley, physical
Kuenzel G
Comparison of the idiogram of barley chromosome 5 (1H) with the linkage map 5 (1H) derived from the barley cross cv. Igri x cv. Franka according to Graner et al. (1991) in relation to the rice linkage maps 5 and 10 according to Causse et al. (1994).
The idiogram is based on Giemsa N-banding and measurements in milliGeNomes (mGN) according to Jensen and Linde Laursen (1992) with the centromere at position 0. The positions of N-bands (black regions), translocation breakpoints, and chromosome ends are given as distances in milliGeNomes from position 0. The breakpoints of T54aj, T56aj, T57ap and T57ag are shown by linked arrows, which indicate the regions within which the breakpoints are located. The midpoints of these regions were used to define subregions A-E. Marker positions on the linkage maps are indicated by bars; those used for PCR are named. Probes marked by asterisks on the rice maps have been assigned to centiMorgan (cM) intervals (shown on the left in brackets) with a LOD score < 2.5 (see Causse et al. 1994). The position of G89B was included by inference based on the rice maps 10 published by Nagamura et al. (1993) and Inoue et al. (1994). Corresponding regions among the maps are indicated by arrows and in the same colour.
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