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GrainGenes Image Report: 1R_SSR_2004

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Image Name
Map Data
Rye, N6 x N2, 2004
Rye, N7 x N2, 2004
Rye, N7 x N6, 2004
Rye, P87 x P105, 2004
Image of linkage maps of rye based on the data from the crosses 'P87xP105' (a) (Korzun et al. 2001), 'N6xN2' (b), 'N7xN2' (c) and 'N7xN6' (d). The new microsatellite markers mapped in this study are underlined. Four loci mapped with a LOD score <3.0 are indicated with an asterisk. Xgwm markers with homoeologous loci in wheat are marked with a cross. The centromeres are indicated based on the data of Devos et al. (1993) and Korzun et al. (2001). The short arms of the chromosomes are at the top, the long arms at the bottom. Xgwm loci assigned to chromosome arms according to wheat-rye arm addition lines analysis are indicated on the left. Sequence information of the microsatellites can be obtained on request from the authors.
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