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GrainGenes Image Report: 6H translocation breakpoints

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Image Name
6H translocation breakpoints
Hordeum vulgare
Map Data
Barley, physical
Kuenzel G
Comparison between the physical and genetic maps of barley chromosome 6H.
Left: Idiograms based on N-bands according to Marthe and Kuenzel (1994) and measurements in milliGeNomes (mGN) according to Jensen and Linde Laursen (1992). Prominent N-bands are shown in black and rare N-bands are hatched. Translocation breakpoints used for map construction are shown on the left of the idiograms: single arrows indicate precisely located breakpoints, linked arrows indicate regions to which breakpoints are assigned. The estimated mean distances in megabases (Mb) per one centiMorgan (cM) for the subregions shown on the far left are based on the value of 5350 Mb for the size of the haploid (2C) barley genome (Laurie et al. 1992).
Right: Linkage maps according to Graner et al. (1994). The marker positions are shown by bars; those used for PCR are named. The location of breakpoints within the linear array of markers is indicated by arrows. Corresponding regions among the maps are indicated by lines and in the same colour.
Reference: L. Korzun and G. Kuenzel, 1996, unpublished.
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