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GrainGenes Image Report: Ahn-S, 1993 Fig. 1

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Ahn-S, 1993 Fig. 1
Oryza sativa
Triticum aestivum
Map Data
Ahn S
Figure 1: The RFLP map of rice. Scale in Kosambi cM is shown at the left side. Markers by tick marks have been ordered with LOD>2 using Mapmaker software (Lander et al. 1987). Markers in parentheses have been located to intervals with LOD<2. Clone names are listed to the right of the chromosomes. Wheat chromosome arm is indicated in parentheses following clone names. RZ2 and RZ144 on rice chromosome 6 are included to clarify the order of loci. Chromosomal arm location or approximate map position of selected isozyme and morphological markers (bold) is shown at the bottom or to the right of chromosomes (Est-5 = Esterase 5, R (Rd)= red grain color in wheat (rice), lg = liguleless, wx = waxy).
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