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GrainGenes Image Report: Ahn-S, 1993 Fig. 2

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Ahn-S, 1993 Fig. 2
Oryza sativa
Triticum aestivum
Zea mays
Map Data
Ahn S
Figure 2: Conserved linkage between maize chromosome 2 and rice chromosome 4 with corresponding loci on wheat chromosome 2. Scale in Haldane cM is shown at the left side. Markers by tick marks have been ordered with LOD>2 using Mapmaker software (Lander et al. 1987). Markers in parentheses have been located to intervals with LOD<2. Maize/rice comparison based on Ahn and Tanksley (1993). Thick bar along the left side of maize chromosome 2 indicates approximate position of centromere. The B-A translocation stocks were used to locate the position of centromere in the maize map (Beckett 1978; Burr et al. 1988). Loci connected by a line are detected by the same clone. Gene for loss of ligule (lg locus in rice and wheat and lg1 in maize) appears to be conserved among three species.
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