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GrainGenes Image Report: Group 1 map comparison, part 1

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Image Name
Group 1 map comparison, part 1
Triticum aestivum
Triticum monococcum
Map Data
Triticeae consensus
Linkage maps for group 1 chromosomes of Triticum species. Short arms are at the top. The lengths of the individual linkage maps were normalized so that the distance between XGli1 and XGlu1 would equal 75 cM for comparison purposes. Markers preceded by an X are DNA markers and those without an X indicate genes encoding traits or isozymes that were assayed within the population. The marker preceded by a Q is a QTL. Underlined markers were mapped in different populations. Markers in parentheses are assigned to intervals at LOD <3.0. The darkened regions of the chromosomes at 75 cM indicate the positions of the centromeres. Dotted lines indicate orthologous loci. In the Tm/Ta map, Xbcd446, Xbcd762, Xbcd1796, Xcdo658, Xcdo1188, Xpsr161, Xpsr168, Xpsr381, Xpsr937, Xtam52, Xwg789 cosegregate with Xbcd1072; and Xbcd207, Xbcd386, Xbcd921, XEsi47, Xcmwg758, Xpsr158, Xpsr1201, Xwg180, Xwg605 cosegregate with Xabg452. The T. aestivum maps were produced in Mark Sorrells' laboratory and the T. monococcum and T. monococcum/T. aestivum maps in Jan Dvorak's laboratory.
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