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GrainGenes Image Report: Lr genes on 7B and 7D

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Image Name
Lr genes on 7B and 7D
Lr34 (Triticum)
Triticum aestivum
Map Data
Wheat, Synthetic x Opata
Trait Study
Leaf rust, Nelson97
Nelson JC
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Seedling- and adult-stage leaf rust resistance genes expressed in Synthetic x Opata SSD lines.
Contours to LEFT of chromosomes: Seedling infection-type scores, plotted as negative log10 of P value from chi-square tests of independence of marker genotype and rust infection type at each locus.
Contours ON chromosomes: LOD scores for interval mapping of adult-stage field disease ratings. Bold contours indicate Opata effects and light ones Synthetic effects. Multiple contours represent effects detected in more than one experiment. Maximum LOD scores are shown at base of maps.
Arrows show expected locations of Lr genes.
SOLID arrows: resistance associated with Opata allele
OPEN arrows: resistance associated with Altar allele
SHADED arrow: Lr23 suppressor allele from T. tauschii
Avirulent pathotypes used in inoculum are indicated in boxes.
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