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GrainGenes Image Report: Synthetic x Opata group 5 maps

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Image Name
Synthetic x Opata group 5 maps
Triticum aestivum
Map Data
Wheat, Synthetic x Opata
Nelson JC
RFLP map of wheat homoeologous group 5. Short arms of chromosomes are at top. Markers accompanied by chromosome tick marks are in LOD 3.0 order. Chromosomal segments are coded according to the hybridization patterns, on Southern blots of Chinese Spring (CS) nullitetra- and ditelosomic stocks, of the probes identifying loci on the segments. Asterisked (*) markers identify these probes. Segments on 5BL outlined in bold are inferred but not mapped with RFLP markers. Broken lines drawn between chromosomes connect presumed orthologous loci; dotted lines connect loci on the A and D chromosomes. Centromeres, shown as black bands on chromosomes, are placed between marker loci assigned to arm on the basis of ditelosomic analysis. Marker loci are shown coincident with centromeric bands or translocation breakpoints if assignments to either adjoining region were not made for them. Line segments separating marker names indicate cutoff points where ambiguous. Boldfaced symbols to right of chromosome maps denote genes; those not mapped in this cross but inferred from other reports are underlined.
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