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GrainGenes Image Report: Synthetic x Opata group 6B map

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Image Name
Synthetic x Opata group 6B map
Triticum aestivum
Map Data
Wheat, Synthetic x Opata
RFLP linkage map of chromosome 6B of hexaploid wheat. Map positions of markers ordered at a LOD greater than or equal to 3 are indicated with lines connected to the linkage maps. Markers listed in the intervals between these markers were assigned to the intervals using the Mapmaker 'Try' and 'Near' commands. Centromere position is indicated with a black square. The most proximal marker(s) in each arm that were assigned to it using ditelosomic stocks are indicated with arrow heads. One of these markers was assigned to an interval between LOD-3 markers rather than to specific map positions; its long arm location is indicated by an L (the Try command assigned Xbcd102-6B to the interval between Xbcd1495-6B and Xcdo524-6B but ditelosomic analyses placed it in 6BL). Boldface type indicates markers that are orthologous to a marker(s) located in a homoeologue(s). The order of the markers listed between the markers assigned to map positions is alphabetical/numerical with the exception of the three markers in the centromeric intervals whose arm locations are known.
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