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GrainGenes Image Report: T. monococcum DV92 x G3116 1A map

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Image Name
T. monococcum DV92 x G3116 1A map
Triticum monococcum
Map Data
T. monococcum, DV92 x G3116
Dubcovsky J
Linkage map of T. monococcum chromosome 1. Markers preceded by an X were mapped with DNA probes; the function of markers not preceded by an X was verified by other means. '=' indicates clones that hybridized to identical restriction fragments and are assumed to be homologous.
Markers to the right of vertical lines were mapped within the range indicated by the line. Markers in parentheses were mapped at LOD < 2. Asterisks indicate segregation distortion: * = P < 0.05; ** = P < 0.01. Arrows point to the approximate position of centromeres, based on telocentric analysis. Square brackets indicate duplicate loci on other chromosomes. Distances in cM.
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