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GrainGenes Image Report: Triticeae 1 vs. rice 5, 10 vs. oat A

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Triticeae 1 vs. rice 5, 10 vs. oat A
Avena sativa
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Map Data
Triticeae consensus
Linkage maps of rice and oat chromosomes homoeologous to group 1 of Triticeae. The short arm of the Triticeae map is at the top. The arrowhead on the Triticeae chromosome indicates the position of the centromere. The shaded regions on the rice and oat chromosomes indicate proposed centromere locations as deduced from comparisons to the Triticeae consensus map. The numbers in parentheses following marker names in rice and oat refer to wheat chromosome designations based on ditelosomic analysis. Markers in parentheses are assigned to intervals at a LOD <2.0. Markers preceded by an X are DNA markers. Those without an X indicate genes encoding traits or isozymes that were assayed within the population. Dotted lines show the orthologous loci.
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