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GrainGenes Image Report: T. turgidum 6A and 6B maps

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Image Name
T. turgidum 6A and 6B maps
Map Data
T. turgidum, durum x dicoccoides
Hart GE
RFLP linkage maps of chromosomes 6A and 6B of T. turgidum L. Short arms are at the top. Black rectangles designate centromeres. Orthologous 6A and 6B markers are in boldface type. The most proximal marker(s) in each arm that were assigned to it using CS Dt stocks are underlined. All loci on the maps were ordered at a LOD score 3.0, with the exception of two pairs of 6B loci, designated by a vertical line to their right, which were ordered at LOD scores of 2.7 and 2.5, respectively. Approximate locations of 10 additional markers are indicated by lines to the left of the maps, as follows: (a) Xcmwg679.2, Xmwg573, and Xmwg620; (b) Xwg286; (c) XksuF37 and Xmwg897; (d) Xabg458 and Xglk582; and (e) Xpsr371 and Xmwg820.
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