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GrainGenes Journal Report: Agronomy Abstracts

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Agronomy Abstracts
Source Code
ReferenceSebesta EE and Wood EAJr (1978) Transfer of greenbug resistance from rye to wheat with X-rays. Agronomy Abstracts 61-62.
ReferenceBergman JW and Williams ND (1972) Isozyme variants of esterase and malate dehydrogenase among wheat aneuploids. Agronomy Abstracts 23.
ReferenceHu ML et al. (1972) Inheritance of insensitivity to gibberellic acid GA3 in derivatives of oriental semidwarf wheats (Abstr.). Agronomy Abstracts 25.
ReferenceKaveh H et al. (1968) Allelic and linkage relations among genes for reaction to wheat stem rust. Agronomy Abstracts 12.
ReferenceMetzger RJ et al. (1963) Inheritance of genetic factors which condition resistance to the wheat variety Columbia to selected races of smut Tilletia caries and their association with red glumes Agronomy Abstracts 85.

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