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GrainGenes Journal Report: Heredity

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ReferenceAli N et al. (2016) Introgression of chromosome segments from multiple alien species in wheat breeding lines with wheat streak mosaic virus resistance. Heredity 117:114-23.
ReferenceSato K et al. (2009) A high-density transcript linkage map of barley derived from a single population. Heredity 103:110-117.
ReferenceLacaze X et al. (2009) Genetics of phenotypic plasticity: QTL analysis in barley, Hordeum vulgare. Heredity 102:163-173.
ReferenceElberse IAM et al. (2004) Quantitative trait loci affecting growth-related traits in wild barley (Hordeum spontaneum) grown under different levels of nutrient supply Heredity 93:22-33.
ReferenceRoderick HW et al. (2003) Introgression of crown rust (Puccinia coronata) resistance from meadow fescue (Festuca pratensis) into Italian ryegrass (Lolium multiflorum) and physical mapping of the locus Heredity 91:396-400.
ReferencePozzi C et al. (2003) Integration of a barley (Hordeum vulgare) molecular linkage, map with the position of genetic loci hosting 29 developmental mutants Heredity 90:390-396.
ReferenceLi YC et al. (2003) Genetic effects on microsatellite diversity in wild emmer wheat (Triticum dicoccoides) at the Yehudiyya microsite, Israel Heredity 90:150-156.
ReferenceShindo C et al. (2003) Segregation analysis of heading traits in hexaploid wheat utilizing recombinant inbred lines Heredity 90:56-63.
ReferenceLi YC et al. (2002) Climatic effects on microsatellite diversity in wild emmer wheat (Triticum dicoccoides) at the Yehudiyya microsite, Israel Heredity 89:127-132.
ReferenceThorogood D et al. (2002) Self-incompatibility in ryegrass 12. Genotyping and mapping the S and Z loci of Lolium perenne L Heredity 88:385-390.
ReferenceForsstrom PO et al. (2002) Characterisation of mildew resistant wheat-rye substitution lines and identification of an inverted chromosome by fluorescent in situ hybridisation Heredity 88:349-355.
ReferenceLesniewska A et al. (2001) Androgenesis from Festuca pratensis x Lolium multiflorum amphidiploid cultivars in order to select and stabilize rare gene combinations for grass breeding Heredity 86:167-176.
ReferenceTaketa S et al. (2001) Physical locations of 5S and 18S-25S rDNA in Asian and American diploid Hordeum species with the I genome Heredity 86:522-530.
ReferenceBelyayev A et al. (2001) Evolutionary dynamics and chromosomal distribution of repetitive sequences on chromosomes of Aegilops speltoides revealed by genomic in situ hybridization Heredity 86:738-742.
ReferenceChiavarino AM et al. (2001) Is maize B chromosome preferential fertilization controlled by a single gene? Heredity 86:743-748.
Referencelas Heras JI et al. (2001) 5-azacytidine induces chromosomal breakage in the root tips of wheat carrying the cuckoo chromosome 4S(L) from Aegilops sharonensis Heredity 87:474-479.
ReferenceLeggett JM et al. (2000) Chromosomal localization of cotransformed transgenes in the hexaploid cultivated oat Avena sativa L. using fluorescence in situ hybridization Heredity 84:46-53.
ReferenceIqbal N et al. (2000) The production and characterization of recombination between chromosome 3N of Aegilops uniaristata and chromosome 3A of wheat Heredity 84:487-492.
ReferenceParzies HK et al. (2000) Genetic diversity of barley landrace accessions (Hordeum vulgare ssp vulgare) conserved for different lengths of time in ex situ gene banks Heredity 84:476-486.
ReferenceBrunet J and Mundt CC (2000) Effects of competition on resistance gene polymorphism in a plant/pathogen system Heredity 85:393-400.
ReferenceYin XY et al. (2000) Coupling estimated effects of QTLs for physiological traits to a crop growth model: predicting yield variation among recombinant inbred lines in barley Heredity 85:539-549.
ReferenceZhang L et al. (1999) Direct measurement of recombination frequency in interspecific hybrids between Hordeum vulgare and H. bulbosum using genomic in situ hybridization Heredity 83:304-309.
ReferenceArmstead IP et al. (1999) Chromosome pairing in Lolium perenne x L. temulentum diploid hybrids: genetic and cytogenetic evaluation Heredity 83:298-303.
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ReferenceSanchez-Moran E et al. (1999) Simultaneous identification of A, B, D and R genomes by genomic in situ hybridization in wheat-rye derivatives Heredity 83:249-252.
ReferenceYin X et al. (1999) The role of echophysiological models in QTL analysis: the example of specific leaf area in barley. Heredity 82:415-421.
ReferenceGhatnekar L (1999) A polymorphic duplicated locus for cytosolic PGI segregating in sheep's fescue (Festuca ovina L.) Heredity 83:451-459.
ReferenceIgartua E et al. (1999) RFLP markers associated with major genes controlling heading date evaluated in a barley germ plasm pool Heredity 83:551-559.
ReferenceBahrman N et al. (1999) Genetic diversity of old French six-rowed winter barley varieties assessed with molecular, biochemical and morphological markers and its relation to BaMMV resistance Heredity 83:568-574.
ReferenceKing IP et al. (1998) Introgression mapping in the grasses. I. Introgression of Festuca pratensis chromosomes and chromosome segments into Lolium perenne. Heredity 81:462-467.
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ReferencePowell W et al. (1997) Analysis of quantitative traits in barley by the use of amplified fragment length polymorphisms. Heredity 79:48-59.
ReferenceHanusova R et al. (1996) Suppression of powdery mildew resistance gene Pm8 in Triticum aestivum L. (common wheat) cultivars carrying wheat-rye translocation T 1BL.1RS. Heredity 77:383-387.
ReferenceBezant J et al. (1996) Marker regression mapping of QTL controlling flowering time and plant height in a spring barley (Hordeum vulgare L.) cross Heredity 77:64-73.
ReferenceVienne D et al. (1996) Two-dimensional electrophoresis of proteins as a source of monogenic and codominant markers for population genetics and mapping the expressed genome Heredity 76:166-177.
ReferenceLutz J et al. (1995) Chromosomal location of powdery mildew resistance genes in Triticum aestivum L (common wheat) 2 Genes Pm2 and Pm19 from Aegilops squarrosa L Heredity 74:152-156.
ReferenceJimenez M et al. (1995) Genetic control of the rate of transmission of rye B chromosomes. II. 0B X 2B crosses Heredity 74:518-523.
ReferenceHsam S et al. (1995) Transfer of Amigo wheat powdery mildew resistance gene Pm17 from T1AL.1RS to the T1BL.1RS wheat-rye translocated chromosome Heredity 74:497-501.
ReferenceVirk P et al. (1995) Use of RAPD for the study of diversity within plant germplasm collections Heredity 74:170-179.
ReferenceSantos J et al. (1995) Synaptic patterns of rye B chromosomes IV The B isochromosomes Heredity 74:100-107.
ReferenceEnnos R (1994) Estimating the relative rates of pollen and seed migration among plant populations Heredity 72:250-259.
ReferencePiepho H (1994) Missing observations in the analysis of stability Heredity 72:141-145.
ReferenceBeharav A et al. (1994) Mixed model for estimating the effects of the Rht1 dwarfing allele, background genes, CCC and their interaction on culm and leaf elongation of Triticum aestivum L., spring wheat Heredity 72:237-241.
ReferenceKing I et al. (1994) A study of the effect of a homoeologous pairing promoter on chromosome pairing in wheat/rye hybrids using genomic in situ hybridization Heredity 72:318-321.
ReferencePolanco C et al. (1994) Non-random mating in a Secale cereale L. (rye) population Heredity 72:549-556.
ReferenceLaurie DA et al. (1994) Genetic analysis of a photoperiod response gene on the short arm of chromosome 2(2H) of Hordeum vulgare (barley). Heredity 72:619-627.
ReferenceMartinez O and Curnow R (1994) Missing markers when estimating quantitative trait loci using regression mapping Heredity 73:198-206.
ReferenceBalfourier F et al. (1994) Conservation of allelic multiplicity and genotypic frequency by pooling wild populations of perennial ryegrass Heredity 73:386-396.
ReferenceGrivet L et al. (1994) Comparative genome mapping of sugar cane with other species within the Andropogoneae tribe Heredity 73:500-508.
ReferenceSantos J et al. (1994) Meiosis in haploid rye: extensive synapsis and low chiasma frequency Heredity 73:580-588.
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ReferenceBarua UM et al. (1993) Identification of RAPD markers linked to a Rhynchosporium secalis resistance locus in barley using near-isogenic lines and bulked segregant analysis. Heredity 71:177-184.
ReferencePuolimatka M and Karp A (1993) Effect of genotype on chromosome variation in tissue culture of inbred and outbred rye Heredity 71:138-144.
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ReferenceGale MD et al. (1984) An alpha-amylase gene from Aegilops ventricosa transferred to bread wheat together with a factor for eyespot resistance. Heredity 52:431-435.
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ReferenceShewry PR et al. (1978) Genetic analysis of hordein polypeptides from single seeds of barley. Heredity 40:463-466.
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ReferenceLaw CN et al. (1976) The genetic control of ear emergence time by chromosomes 5A and 5D of wheat. Heredity 36:49-58.
ReferenceGale MD et al. (1975) The chromosomal location of a major dwarfing gene from Norin 10 in new British semi-dwarf wheats. Heredity 35:417-421.
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ReferenceMorrison JW (1953) Chromosome behaviour in wheat monosomics. Heredity 7:203-217.
ReferenceFrankel OH (1950) A polymeric multiple gene change in hexaploid wheat. Heredity 4:103-116.

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