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GrainGenes Journal Report: Chromosoma

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ReferenceLukaszewski AJ (2008) Unexpected behavior of an inverted rye chromosome arm in wheat. Chromosoma 117:569-578.
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ReferenceManzanero S et al. (2002) Characterization of the constriction with neocentric activity of 5RL chromosome in wheat Chromosoma 111:228-235.
ReferenceDhar MK et al. (2002) Origin of an apparent B chromosome by mutation, chromosome fragmentation and specific DNA sequence amplification Chromosoma 111:332-340.
ReferenceJasencakova Z et al. (2001) Chromatin organization and its relation to replication and histone acetylation during the cell cycle in barley Chromosoma 110:83-92.
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ReferenceZhang P et al. (2001) The centromere structure in Robertsonian wheat-rye translocation chromosomes indicates that centric breakage-fusion can occur at different positions within the primary constriction Chromosoma 110:335-344.
ReferenceLinares C et al. (2001) Isolation and characterization of two novel retrotransposons of the Ty1-copia group in oat genomes Chromosoma 110:115-123.
ReferenceArmstead IP et al. (2001) Genetic and physical analysis of a single Festuca pratensis chromosome segment substitution in Lolium perenne Chromosoma 110:52-57.
ReferenceCheng Z et al. (2001) A tandemly repeated DNA sequence is associated with both knob-like heterochromatin and a highly decondensed structure in the meiotic pachytene chromosomes of rice Chromosoma 110:24-31.
ReferenceQi LL et al. (2000) Recombination in an isochromosome preferentially occurs between cis isochromatids Chromosoma 109:390-396.
ReferenceDvorak J and Lukaszewski AJ (2000) Centromere association is an unlikely mechanism by which the wheat Ph1 locus regulates metaphase I chromosome pairing between homoeologous chromosomes Chromosoma 109:410-414.
ReferenceShi F and Endo TR (2000) Genetic induction of chromosomal rearrangements in barley chromosome 7H added to common wheat Chromosoma 109:358-363.
ReferenceJenkins G et al. (2000) Probing meiosis in hybrids of Lolium (Poaceae) with a discriminatory repetitive genomic sequence Chromosoma 109:280-286.
ReferenceManzanero S et al. (2000) The chromosomal distribution of phosphorylated histone H3 differs between plants and animals at meiosis Chromosoma 109:308-317.
Referenceten Hoopen R et al. (2000) Evolutionary conservation of kinetochore protein sequences in plants Chromosoma 109:482-489.
ReferenceZhou Y et al. (1999) Microdissection and microcloning of rye (Secale cereale L.) chromosome 1R Chromosoma 108:250-255.
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