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GrainGenes Journal Report: Current Science

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Current Science
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ReferenceGeetanjali S et al. (2004) Decline in reactive oxygen species at low light intensity can overcome necrosis barrier in hybrid wheat. Current Science 87:500-503.
ReferenceSharma S et al. (2004) Interlocus homogenization of ribosomal DNA repeat units in barley. Current Science 86:384-386.
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ReferenceChugh A and Khurana P (2003) Herbicide-resistant transgenics of bread wheat (T-aestivum) and emmer wheat (T-dicoccum) by particle bombardment and Agrobacterium-mediated approaches. Current Science 84:78-83.
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ReferenceLavania UC (1999) Large-scale chromosome organization in plants underpin genome homogenization, characteristic distribution of repetitive DNAs and occurrence of genes in discrete clusters. Current Science 77:216-218.
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ReferenceGupta N and Swaminathan MS (1967) An induced sphaerococcoid mutant in Triticum dicoccum. Current Science 36:19.
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