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GrainGenes Keyword Report: Triticum monococcum

Triticum monococcum
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ReferenceMegyeri M et al. (2017) Cytomolecular discrimination of the A(m) chromosomes of Triticum monococcum and the A chromosomes of Triticum aestivum using microsatellite DNA repeats. Journal of applied genetics 58:67-70.
ReferenceDubcovsky J et al. (1995) Differentiation between homoeologous chromosomes 1A of wheat and 1Am of Triticum monococcum and recognition of homology by the Ph1 locus of wheat Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, USA 92:6645-6649.
ReferenceFriebe B et al. (1990) Genetic and cytogenetic analyses of the A genome of Triticum monococcum. VI. Production and identification of primary trisomics using the C-banding technique. Genome 33:542-555.