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ReferenceYan L et al. (2004) The wheat VRN2 gene is a flowering repressor down-regulated by vernalization Science 303:1640-1644.
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ReferenceFjell CD et al. (2003) Internet Contig Explorer (iCE) - A tool for visualizing clone fingerprint maps Genome Research 13:1244-1249.
ReferenceWu LM et al. (2003) Cloning and characterization of leaf cDNAs that are differentially expressed between wheat hybrids and their parents Molecular Genetics and Genomics 270:281-286.
ReferenceSanti L et al. (2003) The GA octodinucleotide repeat binding factor BBR participates in the transcriptional regulation of the homeobox gene Bkn3 Plant Journal 34:813-826.
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