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GrainGenes Keyword Report: 14-3-3 protein

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14-3-3 protein
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ReferenceMiflin BJ and Habash DZ (2002) The role of glutamine synthetase and glutamate dehydrogenase in nitrogen assimilation and possibilities for improvement in the nitrogen utilization of crops Journal of Experimental Botany 53:979-987.
ReferenceFinnie C et al. (2002) Do 14-3-3 proteins and plasma membrane H+-ATPases interact in the barley epidermis in response to the barley powdery mildew fungus? Plant Molecular Biology 49:137-147.
ReferenceKuramae EE et al. (2001) Identification of 14-3-3-like protein in sugarcane (Saccharum officinarum) Genetics and Molecular Biology 24:43-48.
ReferenceIkeda Y et al. (2000) Specific binding of a 14-3-3 protein to autophosphorylated WPK4, an SNF1-related wheat protein kinase, and to WPK4-phosphorylated nitrate reductase Journal of Biological Chemistry 275:31695-31700.
ReferenceHoltman WL et al. (2000) 14-3-3 proteins interact with a 13-lipoxygenase, but not with a 9-lipoxygenase FEBS Letters 474:48-52.