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GrainGenes Keyword Report: a-1

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ReferenceOsbourn AE (2003) Saponins in cereals Phytochemistry 62:1-4.
ReferenceKing J et al. (2002) A demonstration of a 1 : 1 correspondence between chiasma frequency and recombination using a Lolium perenne/Festuca pratensis substitution Genetics 161:307-314.
ReferenceTrojanowska MR et al. (2001) Investigation of avenacin-deficient mutants of Avena strigosa Phytochemistry 56:121-129.
ReferenceNombela G and Romero MD (2001) Field response to Pratylenchus thornei of a wheat line with the CreAet gene for resistance to Heterodera avenae European Journal of Plant Pathology 107:749-755.